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Samantha's Edinburgh Fringe Show
Nominated for the Amused Moose Award 2023

Breasts loom large in our culture - but why?  Samantha gets her tit jokes out and exposes some big...issues. Sophisticated, interesting and funny.

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The show continues into early 2024 so if you haven’t seen it, here are the FOUR remaining shows:


Backwell Theatre, Bristol   Saturday 16 March 

Cambridge Festival Wednesday 20 March


Brighton Fringe  Friday 10 May

Chesham Fringe Bank Holiday Monday 27 May at 2.30 pm

Previous shows: Samantha's 2022 Edinburgh show: CAREERING


Coming from LA where the comedy scene is supreme, this was one of the best standup shows I have ever seen. From start to finish it was full of belly laughs. 10/10 would recommend!


This show was brilliantly funny. Samantha delivers with some excellent material on the workplace. Includes wonderful anecdotes and musings. A particular favourite was her reaction to the man who suggested she wasn't an alcoholic because she wasn't drinking! You'll enjoy this show greatly.


Laughed out loud! Sam’s delivered a great set and had the whole room hooked on her badass career tips.


I’d heard so much about Sam winning lots of comedy awards and her offering of something completely ‘fresh’ on the comedy circuit and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! A truly authentic character which had the audience belly laughing. Can’t recommend enough!


Sheer joy. Wicked insights into the world of work - and more - delivered with great panache from a comedian on the way up.
Do not miss this show. One day you’ll want to be able to tell your friends ‘I saw her at the Fringe.’


Sam's show is a belly-laugh roller coaster ride through the world of employment from someone who has been there, done that and stolen the tee shirt. Well worth an hour of your time, even if only for the tips on getting that next promotion!

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